Celyss has been deploying specialized solutions since 2010. Based on an in-house R&D program, our teams develop flexible products with precise customization in order to match the demands of our customers. We are able to provide you with the most suitable technical solution for all stages of your project. A privileged relation with most component founders allows us to bring innovative value to our products. With its international ecosystem, we deploy our solutions to export and our domestic market.

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QUASAR SYSTEM is a system built around intelligent modules interconnected via the Quasar™ internal bus. This bus allows fast and secure communication between modules, high bandwidth and parallel synchronization. The main components of the system are the modules: Power supply, Central Unit, Inputs/Outputs, Networks (Ethernet on copper or optical fibre,.Modbus TCP, Profibus, Profinet, CAN,….), Communication (modem, WiFi, etc.). Each input/output module has a local intelligence (CORTEX M4 processor) that manages its own functions, as well as those related to the management of the internal Quasar network. This computing power architecture addresses modes or redundancy is required (SIL2 and above) QUASAR SYSTEM integrates the virtual machine STRATON (conforming to IEC 61131-3) which allows to synchronize the system globally and to distribute the dedicated programs in each input/output, communication, or other module. QUASAR SYSTEM provides a high level of safety for the user through self-testing and safe failure mode management. QUASAR SYSTEM is suitable for harsh environments on the ground and on board.

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Celyss' mission is to bring together projects and initiatives that call for innovative technologies that enable us to meet market needs. Every day, Celyss engineers use their skills to deliver quality technology solutions in electronics and embedded software. Whether you choose our specific products or customized solutions, our team will listen to you throughout the evolution of your project.
Our expertise covers new areas, but we can note among others:

- Units of calculation DSP Texas instruments
- ARM 7 and 9
- CPU Microchip
- Freescale

Celyss provides you with control over the development of complete products including mechanical parts, wiring, and software, as well as the development of embedded software and electronic cards. Numerous environmental tests and tests are carried out to ensure that operational conditions are maintained.
Our team’s ability to handle complex, time-sensitive projects is based on rigorous work practices acquired in large companies, to which we add the flexibility and responsiveness of an SME.

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